Harrison Rapids Swim Team in Harrison, AR | Harrison Rapids Swim Team in Harrison, Arkansas
The Harrison Rapids Swim Team offers both recreational swimming and competitive swimming for all ages. Located in Harrison, Arkansas and serving the surrounding areas.
Harrison Rapids, Harrison Swimming, Harrison Swim Team, Harrison AR Swim Team, Harrison Goblins Swim Team
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Swim into Summer


Welcome to our summer 2017 swim meet!

Monday, June 26th
at 7:30pm

Warm Ups: Warm up times are as follows:

  • 11 & up from 7:00 – 7:15
  • 10 & under from 7:15-7:25

Entries: Swimmers may swim up to three (3) individual events and up to two (2) relays.  Relays will depend on the number of swimmers in each age group. Swimmers will swim in their age group as of the day of the meet.


Awards: 1st – 3rd place will receive medals, 4th – 8th place will receive ribbons. Relays will receive ribbons for 1st-3rd places. Heat winner ribbons will be given for the heat winner in each heat.


Rules: Swimmers will not be disqualified for swimming stokes that are not aligned with USA swimming rules but swimmers will not place higher than other swimmers when swimming a stroke incorrectly that gives them an advantage.  If a swimmer swims a stroke incorrectly that gives him/her an advantage then they will be placed after the swimmers that swim the stroke correctly.

  • Here are a couple examples:
    1. If a swimmer swims the butterfly and does butterfly arms but does a freestyle kick; this would give them an unfair advantage over the butterfly kick.
    2. If a swimmer swims the breaststroke but does a scissor kick instead of the breaststroke kick; this would give them an unfair advantage over the breaststroke kick.
    3. If a swimmer does breaststroke but allows their hands to come past their hips instead of staying above their hips; this would give them an unfair advantage over the breaststroke arm stroke.


Heat Sheets and Product Sales: Heat sheets will be on sale for $2. The heat sheet will show you what event, heat, and lane your swimmer will be swimming in.

Equipment to bring:

  • Chairs (pool chairs will be used for the swim meet)
  • Swimsuits
  • Goggles
  • Towels
  • Sharpie marker to write events
  • Drinks/snacks
  • $2 for heat sheet (this will show your swimmers events, heat, and lane)

Results: will be posted on the Meet Mobile app.  Meet Mobile is a swim meet app that provides real-time meet results and standing from anywhere, at any time.  There is  a small fee to get full assess to this app and can be purchased for one month or for one year.  Many of the competitive swim meets also use this app for results.